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Hi, I'm Anja - Your Meal Mentor! Yes... I'm the one from the video above. The same person that transformed from an unhealthy and over-weight mom with early onset heart disease, to an energetic international Plant-Based Lifestyle coach and meal mentor to hundreds of thousands of people world wide.


Since 2012 I've taught hundreds of thousands of people how to cook via my YouTube channel Cooking With Plants, as well as my international best-selling cookbooks and online courses.


By falling in love with a plant based lifestyle, I reversed my heart-disease and lost over 50 pounds without even trying...

Anja Cass - Cooking With Plants 
(Left 183lbs/83kg - Right 130lbs/59kg)


I'm now 50 pounds lighter, have gained boundless energy, sleep better and feel absolutely amazing - every day!


I'm not here to brag or show off... I'm here to help you to look and feel great too!



Join thousands of people just like you who are transforming their health, losing weight, gaining energy and feeling good by eating more plants.

The 3 week meal plan is very practical. I appreciated that you included leftovers as part of the planning food for the next day. We have laminated the meal plans as well as the food diary journal for easy use. Thank you.


I have done lots of research about nutrition. I like your plan especially when you do give guidelines about what you are eating every day because sometimes I just like to put a meal together without necessarily following a recipe 


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As Part of The 21 Day New Body Meal Plan, you'll get...

  • 21 Day Meal Plan

    Fully downloadable and printable 21 Day Meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  • Printable Weekly Shopping Lists

    Easy to use weekly shopping lists that you can print, take to the grocery store, and check off everything you need.

  • Quick Tick Daily Food Checklist

    Great for days when you don’t want to follow set recipes or a meal plan. Stick this on your fridge and keep yourself on track easily. Just tick what you’ve eaten for the day and you’ll see your day at a glance. Simple and effective!.

  • Extra Cheat Sheets

    Printable cheat sheets for when you don't know what to eat!

AND as a BONUS You'll also get 24/7 Lifetime Access to the Private Plant Powered Mastery Facebook Group...

This is an amazing group of like-minded people cooking, eating and sharing their meal ideas with each other.


Improving their health, and boost their energy and zest for life. 


You'll be able to join the conversations, share your photos and get lots of ideas to help you meal prep, cook tasty plant based food and enjoy the happiness that each day brings!

Start Cooking Now for Just $37!

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