Festive Party Food Cookbook!

Let's Feast & Be Merry with these delicious "no-stress" holiday delights...

Create an Impressive Plant-Based Festive Menu with over 40 Mouthwatering Party Foods To Choose From ... You Won't Believe They're Oil-Free Vegan!


The Festive Party Food Cookbook is a must have when cooking for parties... gatherings... holidays... pot lucks... or whenever you want to impress your guests.

      Grab some crackers, vegetable sticks or veggie balls and dip into these tasty delights...

      It's hard to choose which dip to have first... the "cheesy" corn and broccoli dip, the vegan queso or maybe the caramalized onion and mushroom dip (or one of the many others)...

      And you know we all love a variety of finger food to pick at!

      Will it be the sage and fennel veggie balls, the "cheesy" herb and garlic monkey bread, or the rustic lentil pies with onion and thyme crackers. OR one of the many other easy finger foods to choose from...

      When it comes to main dishes at the festive table, no-one will leave hungry!

      From "cheesy" lentil lasagne, to Mac and "cheese" with Pecan Parmesan, or perhaps the Nut Roast with Dijon Tahini Gravy. These are just a few of the recipes to choose from... you will definitely have a variety of satisfying dishes to impress your guests...

      And a Party just isn't a Party without something sweet to indulge in...

      Dessert goes in a different stomach, right? So why not indulge in one of sweet recipes on offer... such as the Best Ever Eggless Fruit Cake, a creamy glass of Festive Eggless Nog... or my favorite nut-free Baked "cheesecake" with custard and fruit topping...

      There are so many more recipes to choose from...


      In fact, there are over 40 recipes to keep the festive table full of tasty morsels!


      Created by popular YouTube celebrity chef, Anja Cass of Cooking With Plants, this cookbook includes must-make recipes that will knock your guests' socks off - they won't even know they're eating vegan!


      This book includes:

      • 5 recipe sections including dips, finger food, mains and desserts
      • measurements in both imperial and metric
      • a full color photograph with every recipe
      • easy to follow step-by-step instructions

      Tasty, creative and full of flavor!


      Cooking for a crowd has never been so easy.


      Each recipe has a full color photograph and detailed step by step instructions on how to create each dish. This is definitely the go-to cookbook in the world of festive plant-based cooking...

      Yes! Let's Get The Party Started with the Festive Party Food Digital Cookbook...

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      Full index of recipes includes...


      1. DIPS:

      holiday Hummus

      mushrooms and walnut pate

      cashew white bean dip

      chickpea "tuna" dip

      whipped potato dip

      vegan queso dip

      curried spinach eggplant dip

      caramalized onion mushroom dip

      "cheesy" corn and broccoli dip

      butternut pecan caramel dip


      2. FINGER FOOD:

      creamy bean eggplant rolls

      "cheesy" nut balls

      filled pasta shell bites

      crunchy pasta puffs

      "cheesy" herb and garlic monkey bread

      cashew tofu ricotta ball

      sage and fennel veggie balls

      mash your own potato salads

      cauliflower nuggets with dijon cream

      curried lentil eggplant veggie balls

      edible potato wreath

      rustic lentil pies

      onion and thyme leaf crackers


      3. MAINS:

      stuffed zucchini with creamy corn sauce

      creamy cashew sauce with dumplings

      maple glazed tofu roast

      one pot cauliflower roast

      turmeric dijon gravy potato salad

      cheater's no-cook stuffing

      oven roasted vegetables

      potato dumplings with beetroot gravy

      glazed eggplant with chargrilled peppers

      mac and cheeze with pecan "parmesan"

      orange and ginger sweet potato mash

      nut roast with dijon tahini gravy

      "cheesy" lentil lasagne


      4. SWEETS:

      nut free baked cheesecake with custard and fruit topping

      individual trifle pots

      best ever eggless fruit cake

      strawberry "cheesecake" puffs

      cinnamon scroll puffs

      holiday spiced bread pudding

      creamy eggless nog

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